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Hours of Operation: Mon - Fri 8:00am - 8:00pm


Sara Shafran

Certified NIA and YOGA Instructor


My Passion

During a time in my life when I needed to make a change and leave a corporate job I had for almost 12 years, I spotted an article in the newspaper about new workouts in the city. Nia was described as a fun, fusion fitness class — a combination of dance, martial arts and yoga. I had to try it. I missed my younger days as a dancer, choreographer and performer. When I finally went to take my first class, I knew I had come home. I could finally move again, release, sweat, and feel totally alive in my body again. And little did I know that was just the beginning. I have been teaching Nia for over 9 years now throughout the city.

I came to yoga through my passion of Nia and dance. In 2007, I received my 200 hour yoga certification from Moksha Yoga and have enjoyed teaching ever since. Yoga is a perfect compliment to Nia.
I love what I do. It is my true path. And I love watching people discover that they too can find total well being (body, mind, spirit) through Nia and Yoga. 

My Practices


The Nia Technique (pronounced "knee-uh") is a low impact movement form designed to provide an exhilarating workout for all fitness levels. It combines the best elements from the martial arts, healing arts (like yoga) and dance.
Routines are done to music from all over the world, and deliver a deceptively powerful cardiovascular workout that will enhance your coordination, leave you toned, strong and energized--and it’s incredibly fun.
More Information about Nia.
Demos and videos from all over the world.


Yoga is familiar to almost everyone these days but it’s not just a hot new fitness trend. It’s been around for thousands of years. Benefits include increased strength, flexibility, balance and stamina. In addition, it reduces stress, improves mental clarity, even helps you to sleep better. I offer a dynamic blend of Vinyasa flow asana as well as quieter, restorative postures and meditative practices.
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My Weekly Schedule and Workshops

Zoom Schedule

  • Moving to Heal- Tues at 11:00 AM through the JCC
  • Vinyassa Yoga- Wed at 8:30 AM through Galter
  • Moving to Heal/ Chair Yoga at 12:30 through Galter

Galter Life Center

(Schedule on hold due to  COVID-19)

 5157 N. Francisco, Chicago 

  • Nia at 7:00 PM on Monday
  • Nia at 4:30 PM on Wed
  • Yoga at 7:30 PM on Wed
  • Moving to Heal at 1:30 PM on Friday
  • Vinyassa Yoga at 9:30 AM on Sunday

Bernard Horwich JCC

  (Schedule on hold due to  COVID-19)  

3003 W Touhy Ave, Chicago

  • Nia For Parkinsons at 10:30 AM on Tuesday  

What Students Say:

I love Nia. It's a total mind, body and spirit celebration!

- Dr. Christine Northrup

Whenever I take Yoga with Sara, I feel reborn!

- Erica Daniels

I love Sara's energy- She always makes the class fun and challenging!

- Lisa P

Everytime I walk out of Sara's class, I feel better!

- Gayle


Have a question about Nia or Yoga? Want to come to my class or book a private session?